all images © Laura Mendelin

The short film BYGDEN (HOMELAND) is located on the Finnish west coast, the year is 2013. The homeland is wrapped in a haze of endless summer nights. It´s the time of the year when the sun slowly sets only to touch the horizon and then rise again. The region is known for its wide fields and far away villages. The life here is simple and quiet.

Stig Eriks keeps himself busy driving around in his limousine and organizing flea markets. Meanwhile eight year old Alexander is selling tomatoes on the other side of the village. He is saving money for a trip to Lego World. Evi is wondering around among her flowers in her magical garden, searching for something. Heta and Tero found love online.

The silent landscapes are passing outside the car window, while the characters in the movie reveals their hopes and fears. What is happiness? What is really important in life? How to overcome sadness?

BYGDEN is a short documentary (11.12 min) about people on the countryside living their everyday lives. In one way or another they have all found meaning to their existence.